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The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories - Tom Shippey

Written by Tom Shippey
Read by Andrew Martin
Format: MP3
Bitrate: Variable

01) Introduction by Tom Shippey
02) The Land Ironclads by H. G. Wells
03) Finis by Frank L. Pollack
04) As Easy as ABC by Rudyard Kipling
05) The Metal Man by Jack Williamson
06) A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum
07) Night John W. Campbell, Jr.
08) Desertion by Clifford D. Simak
09) The Piper's Son by Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore
10) The Monster by A. E. van Vogt
11) The Second Night of Summer by James H. Schmitz
12) Second Dawn by Arthur C. Clarke
13) Crucifixus Etiam by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
14) The Tunnel Under the World by Frederik Pohl
15) Who Can Replace a Man? by Brian W. Aldiss
16) Billennium by J. G. Ballard
17) The Ballad of Lost C'Mell by Cordwainer Smith
18) Semley's Necklace by Ursula K. Le Guin
19) How Beautiful With Banners by James Blish
20) A Criminal Act by Harry Harrison
21) Problems of Creativeness by Thomas M. Disch
22) How the Whip Came Back by Gene Wolfe
23) Cloak of Anarchy by Larry Niven
24) A Thing of Beauty by Norman Spinrad
25) The Screwfly Solution by James Tiptree, Jr.
26) The Way of Cross and Dragon by George R. R. Martin
27) Swarm by Bruce Sterling
28) Burning Chrome by William Gibson
29) Silicon Muse by Hilbert Schenck
30) Karl and the Ogre by Paul J. McAuley
31) Piecework by David Brin

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03 The Land Ironclads.mp3 15.79 MBs
04 Finis.mp3 7.87 MBs
05 As Easy As ABC.mp3 20.58 MBs
06 The Metal Man.mp3 9.28 MBs
07 A Martian Odyssey.mp3 18.95 MBs
08 Night.mp3 17.42 MBs
09 Desertion.mp3 8.75 MBs
10 The Piper’s Son.mp3 20.1 MBs
11 The Monster.mp3 13.16 MBs
12 The Second Night of Summer.mp3 19.13 MBs
13 Second Dawn.mp3 22.39 MBs
14 Crucifixus Etiam.mp3 15.11 MBs
15 The Tunnel Under the World.mp3 22.24 MBs
16 Who Can Replace a Man.mp3 6.83 MBs
17 Billenium.mp3 11.16 MBs
18 The Ballad of Lost C’Mell.mp3 15.94 MBs
19 Semley’s Necklace.mp3 16.21 MBs
20 How Beautiful With Banners.mp3 8.08 MBs
21 A Criminal Act.mp3 10.17 MBs
22 Problems of Creativeness.mp3 16.72 MBs
23 How the Whip Came Back.mp3 11.8 MBs
24 Cloak of Anarchy.mp3 14.7 MBs
25 A Thing of Beauty.mp3 11.87 MBs
26 The Screwfly Solution.mp3 17.17 MBs
27 The Way of Cross and Dragon.mp3 14.68 MBs
28 Swarm.mp3 19.61 MBs
29 Burning Chrome.mp3 14.6 MBs
30 Silicon Muse.mp3 16.82 MBs
31 Karl and the Ogre.mp3 12.15 MBs
32 Piecework.mp3 21.73 MBs
33 End.mp3 111.79 KBs
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