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The Beatles - Brian Matthew

Written by Brian Matthew
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On his Saturday morning show "Sounds of the 60s" on BBC Radio 2, Brian Matthew used to present
an episodic listing of every Beatles song in alphabetical order. Before he plays
each song he normally plays some archival footage of The Beatles linked with the
song. This torrent contains these archival pieces and not the songs themselves. This
collection covers the songs from "Good Day's Sunshine" to the final song "You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away". This means the only songs missing from this collection now are those from the beginning up to (Good Day’s Sunshine”. If anyone has any digital or
taped recordings of these episodes please contact me and hopefully I
can add them. Thanks, happy sharing.

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Creation Date:Wed, 13 Apr 2011 08:07:03 -0400
This is a Multifile Torrent
Good Day's Sunshine.mp3 2.58 MBs
Good Morning, Good Morning.mp3 3.99 MBs
Goodnight.mp3 6.16 MBs
Hallelujah I Love Her So.mp3 6.5 MBs
Happiness Is A Warm Gun.mp3 6.32 MBs
Hello Little Girl.mp3 1.64 MBs
Help!.mp3 5.01 MBs
Helter Skelter.mp3 2.75 MBs
Her Majesty.mp3 7.22 MBs
Here Comes The Sun.mp3 3.09 MBs
Here There and Everywhere.mp3 8.2 MBs
Hey Bulldog.mp3 3.28 MBs
Hey Jude.mp3 5.17 MBs
Hold Me Tight.mp3 3.28 MBs
Honey Don't.mp3 2.57 MBs
Honey Pie.mp3 2.89 MBs
How Do You Do It.mp3 3.28 MBs
I Am The Walrus.mp3 6.38 MBs
I Call Your Name.mp3 3.65 MBs
I don't Want To Spoil The Party.mp3 6.25 MBs
I feel Fine.mp3 5.39 MBs
I Forgot To Remember To Forget.mp3 7.88 MBs
I Gotta Woman.mp3 9.25 MBs
I Me Mine.mp3 6.9 MBs
I Need You.mp3 2.56 MBs
I Saw Her Standing There.mp3 10.15 MBs
I Should've Known Better.mp3 2.94 MBs
I Wanna Be Your Man.mp3 6.49 MBs
I Wanna Hold Your Hand.mp3 15.31 MBs
I Want To Tell You.mp3 4.19 MBs
I Want You, She's So Heavy.mp3 5.45 MBs
I Will.mp3 5.51 MBs
I'll Cry Instead.mp3 3.23 MBs
I'll Follow The Sun.mp3 7.29 MBs
I'll Get You.mp3 7.07 MBs
I'm A Loser.mp3 8.24 MBs
I'm Down.mp3 3.18 MBs
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You.mp3 1.74 MBs
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You.mp3 4.41 MBs
I'm Looking Through You.mp3 6.81 MBs
I'm So Tired.mp3 2.12 MBs
I've Got A Feeling.mp3 6.22 MBs
I've Just Seen A Face.mp3 6.45 MBs
If I Fell.mp3 2.62 MBs
If You've Got Trouble.mp3 3.46 MBs
In My Life.mp3 5.7 MBs
In Spite Of All The Danger.mp3 4.36 MBs
It Won't Be Long.mp3 4.57 MBs
It's Only Love.mp3 8.32 MBs
Johnny Be Good.mp3 10.89 MBs
Julia.mp3 4.89 MBs
Kansas City, Hey Hey Hey Hey.mp3 9.79 MBs
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby.mp3 4.71 MBs
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand.mp3 6.13 MBs
Lady Madonna.mp3 2.11 MBs
Leave My Kitten Alone.mp3 120.38 KBs
Lend Me Your Comb.mp3 3.3 MBs
Let It Be.mp3 4.69 MBs
Like Dreamers Do.mp3 3.92 MBs
Lonesome Tears In my Eyes.mp3 3.39 MBs
Long Long Long.mp3 2.15 MBs
Long Tall Sally.mp3 3.2 MBs
Love Me Do.mp3 5.2 MBs
Love You To.mp3 2.81 MBs
Lovely Rita.mp3 1.9 MBs
Lucille.mp3 3.59 MBs
Lucy In The sky With Diamonds.mp3 4.82 MBs
Maggie May.mp3 728.01 KBs
Magical Mystery Tour.mp3 3.24 MBs
Martha My Dear.mp3 2.07 MBs
Matchbox.mp3 1.85 MBs
Maxwell's Silver Hammer.mp3 2.16 MBs
Mean Mr Mustard.mp3 4.31 MBs
Memphis Tennessee.mp3 3.2 MBs
Michelle.mp3 2.24 MBs
Misery.mp3 2.22 MBs
Mister Moonlight.mp3 3.74 MBs
Money.mp3 4.3 MBs
Moonlight Bay.mp3 1.43 MBs
Mother Nature's Son.mp3 2.26 MBs
My Bonnie.mp3 2.68 MBs
No Reply.mp3 2.34 MBs
Norweigian Wood.mp3 1.39 MBs
Not A Second Time.mp3 1015.35 KBs
Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves On The Trees.mp3 3.7 MBs
Nowhere Man.mp3 2.91 MBs
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da.mp3 2.73 MBs
Octopus's Garden.mp3 1.63 MBs
Oh Darling.mp3 2.13 MBs
Old Brown Shoe.mp3 2.1 MBs
Only A Northern Song.mp3 2.83 MBs
Ooh! My Soul.wma 1.21 MBs
P.S I Love You.mp3 3.65 MBs
Paperback Writer.mp3 1.64 MBs
Penny Lane.mp3 5.71 MBs
Piggies.mp3 2.61 MBs
Please Mr Postman.mp3 4.07 MBs
Please Please Me.mp3 4.47 MBs
Polythene Pam.mp3 2.49 MBs
Rain.wma 1.5 MBs
Real Love.mp3 1.95 MBs
Revolution and Revolution #1.mp3 7.11 MBs
Revolution no. 9.mp3 2.06 MBs
Rock and Roll Music.mp3 3.13 MBs
Rocky Raccoon.mp3 2.33 MBs
Roll Over Beethoven.mp3 743.93 KBs
Run For Your Life.mp3 3.21 MBs
Savoy Truffle.mp3 1.91 MBs
Searchin'.mp3 1.17 MBs
Sexy Sady.mp3 2.62 MBs
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.mp3 4.04 MBs
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise).mp3 3.23 MBs
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.mp3 4.63 MBs
She Loves You.mp3 4.04 MBs
She Said, She Said.mp3 1.97 MBs
She's A Woman.mp3 4.67 MBs
She's Leaving Home.mp3 2.35 MBs
Shout.mp3 677.16 KBs
Sie Liebt Dich.mp3 1.27 MBs
Slow Down.mp3 3.34 MBs
So How Comes Nobody Loves Me.mp3 3.54 MBs
Soldiers of Love.mp3 3.02 MBs
Some Other Guy.mp3 2.94 MBs
Something.mp3 2.98 MBs
Step Inside Love - Los Paranoyas.mp3 846.13 KBs
Sun King.mp3 1.12 MBs
Sure To Fall In Love With You.mp3 4.62 MBs
Sweet Little Sixteen.mp3 3.75 MBs
Taxman.mp3 3.12 MBs
Teddy Boy.mp3 702.15 KBs
Tell Me What You See.mp3 1.59 MBs
Tell Me Why.mp3 909.43 KBs
Thank You Girl.mp3 3.66 MBs
That Means a Lot.wma 483.73 KBs
That'll Be The Day.mp3 815.22 KBs
That's Alright Mama.mp3 4.46 MBs
The Ballad of John & Yoko.mp3 2.37 MBs
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.mp3 1.1 MBs
The End.mp3 748.27 KBs
The Fool On The Hill.mp3 2.2 MBs
The Hippy Hippy Shake.mp3 2.51 MBs
The Honeymoon Song.wma 1.33 MBs
The Inner Light.wma 1023.62 KBs
The Long And Winding Road.wma 2.67 MBs
The Night Before.wma 615.57 KBs
The One After 909.wma 1.04 MBs
The Sheik of Araby.wma 301.69 KBs
The Things We Said Today.wma 2.12 MBs
The Word.wma 1.56 MBs
There's A Place.wma 638.52 KBs
Think For Yourself.wma 729.98 KBs
This Boy.wma 2.08 MBs
Three Cool Cats.wma 905.99 KBs
To know her is to love her.mp3 3.62 MBs
Tomorrow never knows.mp3 4.37 MBs
Too Much Monkey Business.mp3 3.24 MBs 46 Bytes
Twist and Shout.wma 4.68 MBs
Two Of Us.wma 1.64 MBs
Wait.mp3 1.43 MBs
We can work it out.mp3 2.15 MBs
What goes on.mp3 1.14 MBs
What you're doing.mp3 2.33 MBs
What's the new Mary Jane.mp3 740.2 KBs
When I get home.mp3 1.96 MBs
When I'm 64.mp3 2.02 MBs
While My Guitar Gently Weeps.wma 3.44 MBs
Why don't we do it in the road.mp3 3.07 MBs
Wild honey pie.mp3 1.03 MBs
With a little help from my friends.mp3 1.56 MBs
Within you, without you.mp3 2.06 MBs
Words of love.mp3 1.71 MBs
Yellow Submarine.wma 3.77 MBs
Yer Blues.wma 6 MBs
Yes it is.mp3 2.12 MBs
Yesterday.wma 4.64 MBs
You Can't Do That.wma 4.29 MBs
You know my name, look up the number.mp3 1.9 MBs
You know what to do.mp3 1.41 MBs
You like me too much.mp3 2.84 MBs
You never give me your money.mp3 1.72 MBs
You really got a hold on me.mp3 4.82 MBs
You Won't See Me.wma 2.09 MBs
You'll Be Mine.wma 968.26 KBs
You're Gonna Lose That Girl.wma 2.11 MBs
You've got to hide your love away.mp3 3.52 MBs
Young blood.mp3 3.76 MBs
Your Mother Should Know.wma 2.97 MBs
z All things must pass.mp3 2.13 MBs
Z Come and get it.mp3 1.64 MBs
Z Junk.mp3 747.68 KBs
Z Mailman bring me no more blues.mp3 2.53 MBs
Z Not guilty.mp3 2.24 MBs
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