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Solfeggio DNA Activation Program - Ascension Beats

Written by Ascension Beats
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The Solfeggio DNA Activation program is a seven day personal meditation program. Each daily meditation session is designed to trigger key areas of the inner self, be it mental, physical or inter-dimensional. Each sound track starts by instilling calm through the use of bilateral breathing and relaxation coaching which guides you to a deepened sense of relaxation (also available without the voice overs, see below). In the background there are sounds of hypnotic ambient music, soft flowing water and white noise to mask out external distractions. As the mind reaches a relaxed state we present you with each of the Solfeggio tones, which are interwoven into the background music.

Each meditation session contains binaural beats and must be listened to through headphones.

DAY 1: Liberating Guilt and Fear (396hz)

On day one of the DNA Activation Program we work by liberating guilt and fear from within – which is associated with releasing emotional patterns. In order to fully evolve we must first remove unwanted and often subconscious mental blockages. These can range from self doubt to manifestations of past wrongs!

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 2: Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change (417hz)

Day two of the DNA Activation Program is designed to start the foundation of change which is associated with breaking up crystallized emotional patterns. Time to reflect upon ones doings and change that which does not resonate with a “good vibe”. If it feels wrong, make the change. Meditate on putting things right.

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 3: Transformation and Miracles - DNA Repair (528hz)

Day thee of the DNA Activation Program will build upon the cleansed soul. Once the mental blockages have been removed the body can begin to realign and rebuild damaged DNA structures. This session is particularly helpful for body repair, with harmonics directed at the frequency known as “the miracle frequency”

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 4: Connecting/Relationships (639hz)

With a new vigor and vitality, it is now the time to build on connecting to the greater audience and strengthen relationships. With an increased vibrational level within you, you can pass on your positive energy to others via the domino effect and that of the 100th monkey.

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 5: Awakening Intuition (714hz)

On day five, we begin to trigger the intuition within you. You are a conductor of electrical energy and through meditation and sound frequencies you can strengthen the gap between conscious and subconscious. It is within the subconscious that you can gain inspiration and direction from your higher self which is associated with intuitive states and non linear knowing.

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 6: Returning to Spiritual Order (852hz)

On day six of the DNA Activation program, the higher self is targeted to release wisdom of your own true order of spirituality. Spirituality is a personal journey of development and as such wisdom and guidance learnt from this mediation session will vary greatly depending upon which path you have chosen for yourself, however this frequency is associated with pure and unconditional love.

Duration: 30 minutes

DAY 7: Resonance Binding (all hz frequencies scaling up from 396hz through 852hz)

Day seven is a day of rest. The programming of the previous six day sessions is compiled into a single condensed audio session to use as a booster or top up as and when required. The previous audio sessions with their subliminal trigger markings will activate previous stored energy from brain entrainment when listening to this condensed audio session

Duration: 30 minutes

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