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Berlitz Think and Talk German - Riverdeep - Learning company

Written by Riverdeep - Learning company
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Berlitz Think & Talk German works toward all-around German fluency with an emphasis on fundamental speaking and listening comprehension skills. Prepare yourself for a variety of conversations with 50 interactive lessons and 150 real-life situations. With advanced technologies like record-playback and speech recognition (Windows version only), you'll be speaking German with confidence. Millions of people worldwide have relied on the expertise and experience of Berlitz to learn foreign languages.

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Lesson_23.MP3 5.23 MBs
Lesson_24.MP3 4.64 MBs
Lesson_25.MP3 4.16 MBs
Lesson_26.MP3 4.12 MBs
Lesson_27.MP3 3.77 MBs
Lesson_28.MP3 4.2 MBs
Lesson_29.MP3 4.22 MBs
Lesson_30.MP3 5.31 MBs
Lesson_31.MP3 4.53 MBs
Lesson_32.MP3 4.28 MBs
Lesson_33.MP3 5.34 MBs
Lesson_34.MP3 4.31 MBs
Lesson_35.MP3 4.11 MBs
Lesson_36.MP3 4.88 MBs
Lesson_37.MP3 4.25 MBs
Lesson_38.MP3 4.09 MBs
Lesson_39.MP3 4.38 MBs
Lesson_40.MP3 5.1 MBs
Lesson_41.MP3 7.36 MBs
Lesson_42.MP3 3.71 MBs
Lesson_43.MP3 5.3 MBs
Lesson_44.MP3 6.04 MBs
Lesson_45.MP3 5.41 MBs
Lesson_46.MP3 6.06 MBs
Lesson_47.MP3 4.4 MBs
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